Meet Amy Green – Photography to Remember

⁣Amy is the Co-Founder of Cape Town Birth Photographers Association.

Tell us more about yourself and how you started photography? ⁣
I am Amy - Single Mom to a beautiful 4-Year-old little boy who is my everything. When I was struggling to fall pregnant and on the journey of Infertility, My ex-husband bought me a camera as a distraction from the pain of that journey. I never imagined I would own my very own business and develop it into a professional career. ⁣

Why did you become a registered Birth Photographer?⁣
Well, In short, I love babies and as a past nurse, I loved working in the maternity ward and helping mom deliver their bundles of joy. Since leaving the nursing field a good few years ago I missed watching those special moments, so being a birth photographer allowed me to still be part of that moment but in a different and unique way. ⁣

What is your favourite part of a birth?⁣
The partners and Dads - watching them as they go through the process with their big eyes, tears and in awe of the women that brought that precious baby into the world. ⁣

What is your go-to gear for a birth?⁣
My good old @Canon 5d Mark ii - 50mm F1.4 and 16 -35 F2.8⁣

What would be your biggest suggestions for someone wanting to become a birth photographer?⁣
Education, education, education. There are so many protocols and health risks involved during a birth, as a witness of this precious moment you don't want to pose any risks to the hospitals and or mothers during this time. Educate yourself on the dos and don’ts at the Workshops @ctbirthphotographers holds to be confident in the moments at a birth. ⁣


Amy can be found on Instagram @photographytoremembersa and here on Facebook: and has her own youtube channel called Photography To Remember. ⁣

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