Meet Liesel Gaffley – LBG Photography

Tell us more about yourself and how you started photography:

When my husband and I struggled with fertility, my son was born via IVF 5 years ago my husband bought me a camera, and each day I would take pictures of my son who now, in fact, loves the camera so much it brings me so much joy. My oldest son was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old, and he loves the camera so much, we are currently signing him up for a model portfolio as he loves having his pictures taken. I believe that he can be anything he wants to be, as long as he is happy and that makes my heart even happier.

Capturing special memories that will last a lifetime is what gives me passion and joy. I wish I could have had more pictures of my grandpa and yet today I only have half of his face as a reminder a small picture of him. At the end of the day no matter how you look or where you are, pictures are so important to the family as its all they will have when you are not around any longer.

Why did you become a registered Birth Photographer?

When I had my oldest son I would have loved to have a birth photographer to capture that memory forever, as the day goes by so quickly and rushed it would have been wonderful to have pictures of how tiny he was and what a miracle he is.


What is your favourite part of a birth?

Seeing the parent's faces and tears of joy knowing that it took 9 months for this precious miracle to come into this world and finally meeting this little person that will change your whole world.

What is your go-to gear for a birth?

Canon 5d mk ii 24-70


What would be your biggest suggestions for someone wanting to become a birth photographer?

Education is key, and gaining the necessary experience and being confident and knowing what to do in theatre and what not do is key. Being confident in yourself and your work is a valuable asset as a photographer as it shows in your work.

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