Meet Tracy Lopes – Tracy Lopes Photography

Tracy is the Co-Founder of Cape Town Birth Photographers Association.

Tell us more about yourself and how you started photography:
Hi, I’m Tracy from Tracy Lopes Photography. I’m the wife of an amazing husband, we have 2 boys (teenager and a 6-year-old) and a German shepherd named Bullet
I bought my first DSLR camera in 2010 and was a hobbyist until our son was born in 2013 and just fell in love with the images we received from our photographer.
I just knew that I wanted to be able to capture these precious moments for other moms and dads.

Why did you become a registered Birth Photographer?
When our son was born in 2013 I had no idea about birth photographers and I so wish I had known.
I have wonderful cell phone pics of this day. But my absolute favourite is the pic of my husband and son bonding with skin on skin.
Unfortunately, this photo is super grainy and of poor cellphone quality. But I am forever grateful to my sister in law for taking it because, without this photo, I would only have been able to image it because I never got to see it in person.

What is your favourite part of a birth?
I absolutely love capturing the love and bond between baby and parents.
The first time mom holds her beautiful baby, capturing skin on skin bonding with dad (a part that mom doesn’t always get to see, but can with photographs)

What is your go-to gear for a birth?
I have a Canon 5dii and a Canon 60d. My lenses are 24-105mm and a 50mm 1.8f

What would be your biggest suggestions for someone wanting to become a birth photographer?
Education. Join us at an informative workshop at Cape Town Birth Photographers Association and learn about all the protocols of birth photography.
There are so many rules to follow to keep yourself, your clients and the hospital protected.
CTBPA is there to educate, support and guide you

Tracy can be found on Instagram @tracylopesphotography and here on Facebook:

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