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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions…..Answered

There are so many reasons to hire a birth photographer. Here is a few.

  • Memories – there is nothing better than looking back at your photos of the day your little one was born.
  • Details – we are able to capture the behind the scenes details that you might miss. The eagerly awaiting grandparents, the loving touch between you and your partner. And most of all….the look of love and awe as you meet your baby for the very first time.
  • So your spouse can focus on you, and not focus on taking photos

How much do birth photographers charge?

It depends on the photographers skill level as well as the products included. The more experience birth photographers can charge from R8000 and up whereas a birth photographer just starting out could charge from R3500.

How early should I book a birth photographer?

As soon as you can, building a relationship with your photographer is important, after all, she will be in your birthing space and you would want to build trust and understanding.

I am a very private person, what if I don’t want certain photos taken?

You and your birth photographer will discuss your needs before your birth. During this meeting we will discuss what you would like to include/exclude and we will have a clear understanding of your boundaries

We will only photograph what you are comfortable with and we will never enter your personal space without your permission.

Do I need to get permission to have a birth photographer?

Permission is absolutely necessary. Your birth photographer will provide the necessary documentation for you to give to your gynae/midwife.
One of CTBPA’s goals is to improve access to Cape Town hospitals for birth photography and CTBPA will do their best to try and assist you if you are struggling with permission.